【ONE PIECE 】Finally, the truth about the “blank 100 years”?Who is Lily? who holds the key?

※This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of ONE PIECE.

As “ONE PIECE” enters its final chapter, major incidents are occurring one after another in Egghead, Pirate Island, and Mary Geoise, respectively. In the midst of all this, the name of an important person who has a great deal to do with the mysteries of the world made its first appearance in Sabo’s recollections in episode 1084 of the original story, and it has become a major topic of conversation.


In the original 1084 episode, you introduced a new key name, Queen Lily. It was originally told that 800 years ago, the Nefertari family of Alabasta remained in the country instead of becoming the Celestial Dragons while being named in the “First 20 People. The Queen of Alabasta at that time was Lily. First of all, several names of people who would have lived 800 years ago have appeared in the past. Toki Kogetsu, Joy Boy, and Zunisha are some of them. In such a situation, I was surprised to see the name of a person who lived 800 years ago again at this time.

Another great thing about “One Piece” is that it rekindles the story of the Alabaster story after several years.

Most readers may have thought that the Baroque Works ended nicely. It is true that Baroque Works is one of the “20 Royal Families” and there were hints of the existence of ancient weapons, so it was expected that the story would be drawn out a little more in some form or another. However, compared to the Skypiea and the Fisherman’s Island, the story did not end with a big mystery, so I did not expect the story to be explored so much.


It really makes you wonder what is going on in Oda-sensei’s head that the biggest mystery in the work, Master Imu and the Baroque Works, seem to have a great relationship here.


There are whispers among readers about the theory that Master Imu has been alive for 800 years. Looking at Master Imu’s reaction to Lily this time, I felt that the credibility of this theory has increased.Master Imu mutters Lily’s name with an air of knowing something about her. However, if it is said that Master Imu is Lily herself, that is probably not the case. TheFIVE ELDERS have declared the Nefertari family to be traitors, and Master Imu seemed to be a person who knew Lily. Even if he is a different person, it is certain that Master Imu has some special feelings for Lily.


Episode 1084 also featured a surprise scene in which Master Imu appeared in front of someone other than FIVE ELDERS.

In the scene where Master Imu appears in front of Cobra andFIVE ELDERS is getting impatient, Cobra looks astonished. Why was Cobra surprised to see Master Imu? Of course, it could just be because someone appeared to whomFIVE ELDERS used honorifics, and that person was about to sit on the imaginary throne. But I think there is a possibility that this is not the only reason.

For example, maybe he saw something in Master Imu’s appearance that made him feel something. Perhaps Master Imu had the same face as Bibi or Nefertari Titi, Cobra’s wife. The door picture in the original episode 1023 depicted Bibi, and the subtitle listed above was “similar. The door picture of episode 579 of the original story is a wooden carving of Bibi alongside Bibi. It was also said that Bibi in a dress at the end of the alabaster episode could be mistaken for Titi. All these depictions may have been foreshadowing the fact that there is someone who looks exactly like Bibi and Titi!


Princess Lily is said to be unnamed in alabaster literature. Why did she not become a the Celestial Dragons? And what happened to her after that?

Even though Lily is said to have betrayed him, she is believed to have fought alongside 19 royal families for 100 years. In the midst of all this, I think she was inspired by Joy Boy to change her mind. It is similar to the relationship between Saul and Olbia. She was fighting because she had something to believe in, but when she heard what the enemy had to say, she realized that what she was doing was wrong. Saul’s actions are also a betrayal from the Navy’s point of view. Assuming that he changed his mind and did not live inMary Geoise, what I am wondering is what happened to Lily, who is not recorded in Alabaster. It would be interesting to see if there is a connection here as well. Amazon Lily has a distinctive history of emperors, such as “The First Emperor” and “The First Emperor before The First Emperor”. It seems that the first emperor may have some secrets, and it is possible that “Lily” is the first emperor of “Amazon Lily” in terms of name!

In “ONE PIECE,” new facts are being uncovered one after another, and at the same time, many new mysteries that lead to the truth of the world are surfacing. It will not be long before the mystery of the key person, Princess Lily, is revealed.